EasilyBuild Your Family Album

Families Connect is your family's collaborative online holiday card you can update and grow throughout the year. Our online app gives you the ability to share quickly and easily photos, videos, recipes and stories, creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Family members can build their personal family pages, and can share their pages with a circle of friends and family members selected by them. Families preserve their unique stories on Families Connect.

Easily Build Your Family Album

ShareMemories Privately

Once you have uploaded photos, videos, stories, memories or recipes, invite your loved ones to your private family album. They can then share their own photos, videos, stories, memories and recipes. The result is a digital scrapbook unique to your family.

Our app allows you to share privately these special moments with each other personally. Your uploads will only be seen by those close family members and friends invited by you to your album. Unlike other social networks that require the setup of complicated and frequently changing privacy settings, Families Connect is automatically a closed network, accessible only by those invited by you.

Share Memories Privately

WhatYou Can Make

  • Build Memories
  • Upload Photos
  • Upload Videos
  • Share Stories
  • Post Recipes
Build MemoriesUpload PhotosUpload VideosShare StoriesPost Recipes

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