Your Family Connections Page

Your Family Connections Page

The CONNECTIONS page is the page you will use to add new families, delete families, and switch between different family dashboards. Every user’s connections page will include the families they have created and the families they have been invited to.

To add a new family

  • – Click on the CONNECTIONS button in the far left column, at the bottom
  • – This will take you to your FAMILY PAGE
  • – Click on the CREATE ANOTHER FAMILY button Connecting With Others
  • – Name your family then click SUBMIT.
  • – You will then have the ability to add a member to this family, rename this family, or remove yourself from this family.


To invite new family members

Now that you’ve got some content in place, the next thing you need to do is invite friends and family to be members of your family album. Once your friends and family have accepted your invitation, they’ll be able to view your content and add to your family page by creating and uploading memories of their own. As the family originator, only you can add or remove family members from the family you created.

  • – Click on the CONNECTIONS link in the left side navigation of the application
  • – Click on the name of the family you would like to invite friends and family to join
  • – Click on ADD A MEMBER TO THIS FAMILY, then enter the email address of this person
  • – You can add multiple email addresses by clicking on the ADD MORE button in the bottom left corner of this window


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