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Exciting News about Families Connect and the Families Connect Application

Our Goal for the Families Connect Application

We want your user experience with the Families Connect application to be delightful and and hassle-Families Connect app on a mobile phonefree.

We are steadily working in the background, making improvements and enhancements to the application.  Recently, we’ve made three important changes that we hope makes Families Connect an even more useful and user-friendly tool. You can learn more by following this Families Connect link.

The Families Connect application is designed with privacy and simplicity in mind. The application gives you a private, uncluttered interface.  This allows users to share photos, videos, stories and recipes with friends and family members selected by you. You and your family members can privately collaborate on your own family web page.

Updated and Improved Commenting

Family members can comment on content uploaded to a family page. The process for posting comments and has been streamlined and improved. When comments have been posted to a family of which you are a member, you will receive a notification on the Families Connect application.

Our improved commenting features gives families a tool to interact and share information with one another! Click here for a brief demo of the improved comment feature.

Improved Video Uploading

You have always been able to upload videos from YouTube to your Families Connect page. Now you can also upload your own videos, up to 100 mb, to your family page! It is now a snap to share a video clip from a birthday party, soccer game or other family event with those who matter most to you.

Click here for a short demo of how the new video uploading feature works.

Facebook Sharing

We believe many users consider Families Connect as a private alternative to Facebook. But, from time to time, you may wish to share some photos you first post on Families Connect on Facebook.

Click here to see how the Facebook sharing feature works.

Coming Soon: Subscription Option

We are planning to offer a subscription version of the Families Connect application. Today, the app is free and supported by advertising. We plan to offer a subscription version, which will be ad-free and include other premium features.

Offering an ad-free version of the app has been in our plans from the beginning. Speaking personally, we would much rather be able to see our family memories free of ads. We hope you agree and will sign-up for the subscription option. Stay tuned for details.

Great Blogger Reviews on Families Connect

Families Connect is growing, and we are grateful to our users. Our hope is that Families Connect is a simple, easy-to-use tool. We wish to enable you, the user, to meet your need for sharing content with friends and family members in a private network controlled by you.

We are very appreciative of two recent reviews by bloggers in Atlanta and Nashville. Take a minute to check out the reviews on 365 Atlanta Family (calling Families Connect the best private photo app) and Suburban Turmoil (“unlike Facebook, which most people use to keep track of co-workers, friends, old schoolmates, and acquaintances, Families Connect is perfect for those more personal moments you want to keep between family members and trusted friends”).

Rick Bryant, Founder of Families ConnectRick Bryant is the founder of Families Connect, LLC. He is also a husband, father of three adult children, and a grandfather to two. Before Families Connect, Rick founded and built an investment advisory business; co-founded a served as a partner in a private equity investment business; worked in investment banking; and practiced securities and corporate law. Rick reads widely; enjoys hunting and fishing; and has great ambitions for bees and his vegetable garden.



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