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Share Your Photos With Family This Easter : Families Connect

Share Photos With Family This Easter

little kids easter share photos with family Easter is a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to gather. It’s a time of rebirth, renewal, and change. With every new tulip, the earth wakes up a little more after a long winter.  The memories that you make on warm Spring days while hunting eggs and eating Easter lunch are something to cherish and preserve! Share your photos and memories with family this Easter using Families Connect.

Uploading Memories is Easy and Secure

little boys easter share photos with familyPhotos of Easters past and present are easy to upload to your Families Connect page for safe-keeping! This Easter Sunday, as family and friends gather, snap a few pictures  then upload them onto your Families Connect Memories page. It’s that easy! Anyone that is a part of your Families Connect family will have access to the uploaded photos. ONLY YOU can decide who sees what you post.  Families Connect is not a public social media platform, therefore you, and only you, are able to give people access to your photos and memories.

Passing Down Family Recipes

easter lunch roast share photos with family

Easter Lunch rivals other major holidays for its quality time and delicious family meals.  As recipes are passed down from generation to generation, it can become difficult to remember and track down exactly how Grandma makes her famous pot roast.  Don’t let those recipes get lost to time! Families Connect also allows you to upload the recipes to your account so that everyone can enjoy tried and true family dishes!


Videos, Pictures and Recipes – Families Connect Can Preserve It All!

little girl easter egg huntFamilies Connect is proud to be a Facebook alternative that allows you to control exactly who sees what you post.  Your private account information will never be shared with anyone outside of your Families Connect family circle.  This Easter, sign up for your Families Connect account and start sharing your family’s best Easter moments!  Don’t forget to capture everything from the Easter egg hunt to the quality family time. Whether you’re a parent or a grandparent, you will be so grateful to have such cherished moments archived for years to come! Sign-up is free!




Torrey Swan is a former pediatric nurse who now spends most of her time chasing two red-headed        daughters.  Her favorite hobby is cooking with a proclivity for mexican food and margaritas.  She has resided in Nashville since the age of 11 and has been married to her husband, a Blackhawk pilot for the Army, since 2008.

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