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How and Why Families Connect is Different from Facebook–And Why You Should Care
April 29, 2018

Facebook's Recent Challenges We are all aware that Facebook is under scrutiny for use of data about Facebook users. Mark Zuckerber ...

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17 Tips and Takeaways From a Family Trip to Italy
March 25, 2018

Our Trip We recently enjoyed a week in Italy with our daughter and son-in-law. We visited Rome, Florence and Modena. My wife and I pr ...

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The Night I Gave My Daughter The Heimlich : From The Nashville Moms Blog
March 11, 2018

The Night I Gave My Daughter The Heimlich There’s no shortage of fear-mongering on the internet. Thousands of articles and blogs an ...

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Our Gun Regulations are Insane–And We Have a Better Idea
February 25, 2018

How We Regulate Guns is Ridiculous--And Dangerous Our gun regulations in this country are insane. What are we doing, as a country, to ...

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Welcome to the Pool, Facebook: The Water is Fine
February 12, 2018

Facebook Policy Change A recent Facebook policy change garnered much attention in the social media world. The change will affec ...

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Making our Vision Real–A Premium, Ad-Free Version of the Families Connect Application
January 30, 2018

The Problem We are Solving The problem: How can friends and families share memories in an easy-to-use, digital, private forum? We don ...

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Family Friendly Dinner : Crockpot Chicken Chili Chowder
January 18, 2018

Family Friendly Dinner Are you looking for nutritious, easy and WARM meals to feed your family as Winter seems to drag on? We have ...

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An Alternative To Facebook
An Alternative To Facebook: Families Connect Talks With The Nashville Post
November 12, 2017

'An Alternative To Facebook' Frederick “Rick” Bryant is founder of Families Connect, a Nashville-based entity that offers a w ...

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Speak for Yourself, Harvey Weinstein
October 22, 2017

Harvey Weinstein Blames a Different Culture with Different Rules Harvey Weinstein, you say (by way of explaining your behavior towards ...

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Using Memories To Capture Special Family Moments
October 08, 2017

How Do You Save and Share Your Memories? How do you share the details of your most prized memories with your loved ones? Pictures, vid ...

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outside fall
Think Outside the Patch : 5 Ways to Get Outdoors This Fall That Don’t Involve Picking Pumpkins
September 24, 2017

5 Ways to Get Outdoors This Fall That Don’t Involve Picking Pumpkins Although some areas of the country still have temperatures hove ...

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Exciting News about Families Connect and the Families Connect Application
September 10, 2017

Our Goal for the Families Connect Application We want your user experience with the Families Connect application to be delightful and ...

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