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A New Family Easter Tradition: Being Considerate of Our Neighbors
April 09, 2017

Easter is a Time for Celebration For Christians, of course, Easter is the central holiday of the year, commemorating what is proclaime ...

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preserving Easter memories
Share Your Photos With Family This Easter : Families Connect
April 02, 2017

Share Photos With Family This Easter Easter is a ...

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kids playing at grandmas take pictures of your grandmas house
Take Pictures of Your Grandma’s House : Preserving Family Memories
March 26, 2017

Take pictures of your grandma's house Think about your grandma’s house. What color are the walls? Whose pictures hang in the living ...

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The Joyful Paradox of Motherhood
The Joyful Paradox of Motherhood; Reflections from a Mother of Twins
March 12, 2017

Our Author, Katrina Otto Families Connect is proud to share a blog post written by Katrina Otto. Katrina is a native of Ireland, now l ...

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Little Grandma, Big Memories
February 26, 2017

My maternal grandmother would have celebrated her 101st birthday this month. I think about how much joy my girls would have brought he ...

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A Treatment for Electile Disfunction
February 05, 2017

The Aftermath Many of us are suffering from electile disfunction in the wake of the recent election. Yes, whichever way the vote turne ...

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second child
Dear Second Child (A Letter from Mom)
January 29, 2017

The first baby is by the book, right parents? By the time you have your second child, your parenting skills typically relax. We love t ...

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skillet pizza chicken
Simple Skillet Pizza Chicken
January 22, 2017

Simple one pot, or in this case one skillet, recipes are perfect for hectic work and school nights. Check out this delicious pizza rec ...

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Excuse Donald Trump from the Dinner Table
January 08, 2017

Family Memories are for Families You just wrapped up a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. You want to share and preserv ...

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Making Family Giving A Holiday Tradition
December 25, 2016

Building a Family Tradition of Generosity The holidays are for celebrating and companionship. In recent years, our family has institut ...

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Weddings Are Not Real – But Marriages Are
December 11, 2016

Today is my eighth wedding anniversary. Like many married couples do on their anniversary, I started my day trying to find a good pict ...

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Tribes and Connectivity: It’s Human Nature
December 04, 2016

From the Civilized to the Tribal Sebastian Junger, in Tribe--On Homecoming and Belonging, takes up the big questions of human identit ...

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