Community Standards and Safety

We wish for Families Connect to be a safe, secure haven where members can create and share content with those most important to them: friends and families members.

Here are some basic rules for all community members to follow:

1. You will not use FamiliesConnect for commercial purposes.

2. No bullying, intimidation or harassment.

3. No content that contains: threats; hate speech; pornography; nudity; or graphic violence.

4. You will not upload viruses or otherwise impair the proper functioning of FamiliesConnect.

5. If you are a registered user through Families Connect’s free service, then you will be limited to five hundred (500) posts. On the other hand, if you have chosen to pay for Families Connect’s subscription service, the there are no limits on your number of posts. Please see the Families Connect Terms of Use Policy for more details.

This is a brief summary of provisions pertinent to the Community Standards and Safety section of our Terms of Use policy. Please refer to the Website’s full Privacy Policy and Terms of Use which govern our relationship.

If you believe you detect inappropriate content or use of FamiliesConnect, please report to Families Connect Support.