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Healthy July 4th Menu Featuring A Classic Cobbler

For many folks, holding onto food traditions while embracing a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. Pecan and Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving, Christmas cookies, Fried Latkes at Hannukah—these dishes do more than put you in food coma. They hold the significance of memory, their flavors and textures remind you of joyful times spent with family.

I’ve charged myself with bridging this gap, creating healthy recipes that remind you of childhood favorites, so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

This  cobbler recipe is one such. Who doesn’t known and love the combination of warm, ooey-gooey baked fruit with a crumbly, buttery crust? It’s a match made in taste bud heaven. Here in the South, cobblers are a celebrated staple during the summer and especially on the 4th of July. Peach cobbler is always reliable, but when cherries are at their peak, their vibrant red hue and juicy flesh make them perfect for the all-American holiday.

My cherry (and strawberry) cobbler, has the hallmarks of the classic you’ve known and love, but I use natural sweeteners instead of refined white sugar, and much less of it. When fruit is seasonal and ripe, it doesn’t need adornment. The “cobbler” or biscuity topping is as healthy as the base. I use fiber and nutrient-rich coconut flour to create a rich, flaky topping you’ll adore. Coconut flour can now be found at almost all grocery stores, but you can order it from Amazon as well. I love garnishing this recipe with coconut cream, but your favorite ice cream would be amazing of course.

Despite my best efforts, man/woman cannot subsist on cobbler alone. So in addition to today’s healthy July 4th dessert, I’ve created some Independence Day menu options using my summery LL Balanced favorites. Take the guess work out of this year’s meal with these recipes, and you can look forward to feeling energized, satisfied and patriotic at the same time!


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4th of July Cherry Cobbler

Fruit Mixture Ingredients:

2 1/2 cups cherries, pitted

2 cups strawberries, hulled and halved

2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey

2 tablespoons arrowroot starch (sub non GMO cornstarch

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice


Cobbler Ingredients:

1/3 cup coconut flour

3 eggs

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon maple syrup or honey

4 tablespoons grass-fed butter or coconut oil (cold)



  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. In a cast-iron skillet, combine cherries, strawberries, 2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey, lemon juice and arrowroot powder. Stir to combine evenly.
  2. Bake fruit mixture for 25 minutes. While baking, combine coconut flour, eggs, salt, baking soda, vanilla extra and remaining 1 tablespoon honey or maple syrup. Mix to incorporate. Add chopped butter or coconut oil and stir so there are bits and pieces throughout batter.
  3. Remove fruit mixture and dollop batter on top in even thickness (approx. 1/4 inch). Place in oven and bake another 15 minutes or until top is turning golden brown and solid to touch. Allow to cool 15 minutes before topping with garnish of choice.


NOTE: The fastest way to pit cherries is to place them on a cutting board and cover with a large piece of saran. Use a meat mallet or small skillet to hit the cherries enough to split them but not smash completely. Remove saran and pop out the stems and pits.


Other garnish ideas || chocolate shavings, coconut flakes, fresh cherries and strawberries, plain yogurt, finely chopped mint, ice cream

How will your family celebrate July 4th?

Laura Lea Bryant Nashville Food Writer CoachLaura Lea is a Certified Holistic chef, recipe developer and food writer based in her hometown of Nashville. Her company LL Balanced is at your service to provide easy, nutritious, family-friendly recipes that will make eating healthy a pleasure and restore balanced to your life. Laura Lea is a Certified Holistic Chef, not a registered dietician, nutritionist or doctor, and her opinion should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult one such licensed professional before making any significant changes to your diet

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