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Using Memories To Capture Special Family Moments

How Do You Save and Share Your Memories?

How do you share the details of your most prized memories with your loved ones? Pictures, videos, stories, and recipes all contribute to the preciousness of your one-of-a-kind experience. How can you capture these special family moments?

Using Memories On Families Connect

Families Connect Memories Feature Timeline

A Memory on Families Connect.

Unlike other social networks, Families Connect has an optional “Memory” section that helps you translate the unique story of your experience.

  • Each Memory is a collection of photos, videos, stories, and recipes all related to a single event.
  • Memories are unique to each family, meaning only the members of the family will see the Memory you upload to it.
  • As you upload your photos, videos, stories, and recipes, you have the option to associate each of these with a specific memory.
  • You do not have to assign a memory for all or any of the content you add to your family.
  • All the members of your family can add to a Memory that you start.
  • Family members can also comment on the pieces of the memory you have added.
  • Multiple family contributions help to capture all the details that made this experience unique for your family.

Add A Memory To Your Family Dashboard

  • Login to your Families Connect account
  • Choose the family where you would like to add the memory.
  • Click the + button in the top right corner of this page.
  • Add the information about your new memory before saving.

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