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Think Outside the Patch : 5 Ways to Get Outdoors This Fall That Don’t Involve Picking Pumpkins

5 Ways to Get Outdoors This Fall That Don’t Involve Picking Pumpkins

Although some areas of the country still have temperatures hovering in the 90s, the calendar tells us that it’s Fall. While pumpkin patches are a classic activity to be sure, there are many ways to spend an afternoon outside this Autumn. Here are 5 ways to spend some time in the sun! After you’ve made your Autumn memories, upload your photos, (and videos!) to your Families Connect account for your network to enjoy!

  • Visit an Apple Orchard

Pumpkins aren’t the only thing that need picking in the Fall! Depending on where you reside in the these United States, you might live closer to an orchard than you think! Check out this handy orchard finder to find your nearest apple orchard!

outside fall

  • Canoeing

While this activity is mostly associated with warm weather and Summer weekends, the Fall is actually an ideal time to go canoeing.  The rivers will be less crowded, the leaves will be changing and the weather has not yet taken a turn to the truly cold temperatures.  Even if the day carries the promise of cooler weather, calm waters should ensure that you can make it down the river without taking an inadvertent swim. Sit back and enjoy the changing of the season!

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  • Camping Trip

While the late nights of Summer are undeniably good for family camping trips, the cooler temperatures of Autumn allow for much more comfortable evenings spent around the camp fire.  Find your sleeping bags and head to your nearest camp site!

outside fall

  • Tailgating for the Home Team

Being outdoors doesn’t have to mean being “outdoorsy”. Tailgating may conjure up memories of college days gone by, but it can actually be a family-friendly experience! Even if you don’t have tickets to the big game, you can still show your support by eating hotdogs and homemade goodies in the school’s parking lot. This experience will be even better if you can get multiple families to participate! Go team!

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  • Build a Bonfire in Your Own Backyard

Who says you have to stray far from home? Head out into your very own backyard for a night under the stars. If you don’t have the land for a huge bonfire, then a firepit can provide the same atmosphere and get you outside all the same.

outside fall

This Fall we hope you spend your fair share of time in front of the fireplace, but the departure of Summer doesn’t mean relegating yourself to a life indoors. Do you have more ideas on how to enjoy time outside this Fall? Share them on your Families Connect page so that others can take inspiration! We hope the upcoming season is the best one yet!

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