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Dear Second Child (A Letter from Mom)

The first baby is by the book, right parents? By the time you have your second child, your parenting skills typically relax. We love this spot on excerpt from a letter Families Connect staff member Torey Swan originally shared on the Nashville Moms Blog. It perfectly sums up parenthood the second time around. Let us know in the comments if your parenting skills relaxed a bit after baby number one!


I am so sorry for the kind of mom you got. Your big sister got a very, very different mom than you. Her mom was there for every milestone, no matter how small, and got pictures to prove that they happened. Your mom was so busy trying to remember the last time she showered that she not only missed the first time you rolled over, and the second, but the first FOUR times you rolled over. When your sister was little, her mom never let her stay in pajamas all day—especially not in public. Your mom will leave you in the same pajamas and simply cover you with a blanket so that the old ladies at The Y don’t judge her. And she’s almost certainly going to use that blanket to wipe your chin when you spit up—which you inevitably will. She’ll probably wash it later. Next time she does laundry. A week from now.

I am so sorry that half of your lunch time bottles are on the go and propped in your stroller while I chase your sister around some discovery center/play place/the nearest Target/liquor store. (Except if my pediatrician is reading this. In which case that was just a funny joke about bottle propping because I would never actually do that.)

It is the curse of the second child. I can’t devote all my time to you, but I’m less crazy than I was with Bis Sister because I don’t have the energy to be. I promise that one day I’ll make it up to you…somehow. Although you’ll need to remind me because I’ll probably be busy bailing your sister out of jail or helping to run her presidential campaign. It could go either way with that one.

Read Torrey’s hilarious post in its entirety on the Nashville Moms Blog.

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