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Excuse Donald Trump from the Dinner Table

Family Memories are for Families

You just wrapped up a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. You want to share and preserve these memories with others. Great.

If you do this on public social networks such as Facebook, for example, guess who was just invited to the dinner table? Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and all your friends who are apoplectic about the election. They have no place at this family gathering.

Send them out. Excuse all these unwanted guests from the dinner table.

Aren’t You Sick of the Noise?

Facebook, the most popular social network with 1.79 billion users, and other social outlets have become social soapboxes. You can’t escape the events of the day. Donald Trump supporters may be bragging about his landslide victory, which, in fact was about a 3 million popular vote loss. The news is that Hillary Clinton has dismissed a large portion of the electorate, whose votes she was seeking, as a basket of deplorables. And your friends seem to think their expressions of rage over the election results are going to change something.

We aren’t making a political point here. We are making the point that on public social networks we are inundated with a lot of content to which we’d rather not be exposed. Sure you can turn off notifications, but the social noise is drinking from a fire hose.

We Have a Better Alternative

Families Connect an easy-to-use application that allows you to build your own private network and share memories with friends and family members chosen by you. There are no political tirades to scroll past.

Guess what? Donald Trump isn’t invited. Hillary Clinton isn’t invited. Your apoplectic friends aren’t invited. Only people you choose.

And those chosen people can contribute content of their own, as well as add comments, to your family page.

The Families Connect application is a better alternative for sharing and preserving memories with friends and family  in a private network built by you. We hope you will sign up and give it a try.


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