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Decorate on a Budget: Expert Tips On Maximizing Craigslist

Curating Craigslist Nashville Families ConnectLet’s face it, the thought of decorating your home can be daunting. Whether you have commitment issues and can’t decide on the perfect sofa for your family room or budget restraints and can’t afford to buy everything new, purchasing furniture for your home on Craigslist can be a fruitful, and fun, experience.

Families Connect recently sat down with Megan Miller, a stay-at-home mom to three kids located in Nashville, Tennessee, about her popular website, Curating Craigslist. Megan provided tips on finding timeless pieces, as well as eclectic finds, on Craigslist and beyond. Megan and her husband Josh’s first home was recently described by Apartment Therapy as “comfortable, stylish, and kid friendly. This is a home where you can easily enjoy a glass of wine or a sippy cup depending on your age (or taste).”

How did your blog get started?

I was always looking on Craigslist for things for myself and I’d always see these great things that I didn’t have room for or need but it would just kill me to see a great deal and not share it. I’d email it to friends and I’d look for things for them and just one day my husband (a web guy) said, “This should be a place where people can go and see the tops pick on Craigslist.” Literally that night he had started a blog for me.

Decorating Home on a Budget Families Connect

What is the best deal you have ever found on Craigslist?

A really great couch for $100. Changing your couch can really change your family room. I changed ours with a $100 couch (had the one I had when I was single) made the decision easier.

What tips do you have for people looking to decorate their home on a budget?

Don’t be afraid to buy things that are used because a good chair or a table that is something you can easily refresh on your own and something that can make a huge impact…you can easily throw a coat of paint on it or update it or just give it a good cleaning

Be creative because you can really piece together with inexpensive pieces and then you can invest in other pieces such as custom pillows. You can save money on some of the other items so you can splurge on the smaller things that can pop in a room.

When you’re trying to be on a budget you can’t be super picky. If it’s a good deal then try it out, you can decorate your room around it and you don’t have to be set on one particular style. It’s helped me not be as picky..get some stuff and you can always change it later.

Any tips specific to looking on Craigslist?

If you’re looking for something specific you really need to search every day. The good stuff is going to go fast. It could be on there for an hour and it could be taken. Sometimes I’m featuring something on my blog and it’s deleted by the time I post it. You’re going to find things on Craigslist that maybe aren’t the newest pieces but somebody bought a year ago and changed their mind about. This makes your house look more unique and it’s always fun to tell a story about the pieces you have.

How would you describe your decorating style?

I would say my basic style is kind of an updated traditional but I really like to mix all things of styles. I love vintage things, I like modern things, I like some of the rustic stuff. I just like to mix it together. I don’t want my room to look like it came from the Pottery Barn catalog. I would say my style is eclectic traditional.

What other sources and stores do you frequent for great furniture and home accessory finds on a budget?

I really do love garage sales. You have to take time to look there. Usually at a garage sale people are really desperate so you can find a great deal. Stores such as Target and TJ Maxx are also great, especially for trendy accessories. You don’t have to spend a lot on them and then in a couple of years you can change them out and not feel bad.

Does anyone in your family share your love for finding unique and budget-friendly decor deals?

My mom is a total bargain hunter. She is a very creative person and can look at something really dingy and turn it into something really pretty. We like to share our finds and when she’s in town we go deal hunting together. My mom likes to find stuff like that with me. We send pictures back and forth of what she finds.

What are your favorite home decorating magazines?

I do have a thing about magazines …I’ve had to scale back! I love Domino and I also really like House Beautiful and Country Living.


What about home decorating TV shows?

I like Fixer Upper and one of my favorite HGTV shows featured Emily Henderson who was a winner on one of their design challenges she was great about mixing old and new things.

Do you read decorating blogs?

One of my favorite decorating blogs is Style by Emily Henderson. I also enjoy Little Green Notebook and Lauren Liess. I love the decorators who find great things at flea markets and mix and match.


How often do you update your blog and how many followers do you have?

I usually update my blog daily. My blog email update goes out to 1,195 subscribers. The days that I find something great or a really good deal I’ll get a lot of traffic.

Any final words of advice for families decorating on a budget?

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Everybody can get stuck in a rut as far as what we buy, even with our clothes, try something new and then fun. When you do it on a budget it’s not as much as a risk.


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