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Families Connect Announcement

New Families Connect Features and a Message From Our Founder

Families Connect Application History

Almost two years ago (how can that be? it seems like a few weeks ago), I came up with the idea for Families Connect, LLC. While driving home from a fishing trip with long-time friends who I don’t see or speak with often enough, I began pondering that surely there is a better way to stay connected with friends and family.

Social media outlets are options, but have their drawbacks. My idea for Families Connect was to create a private, user-defined network, in an easy-to-use, visually attractive application, for real-time, on-going connection with friends and family. That was the germ of the idea for the Families Connect Application. As a front door for the application, we also created the Families Connect Home Page, which includes a Blog providing content intended to help nourish and sustain relationships within and among friends and families. On the Families Connect application, you can share photos, videos, stories and recipes with a network of friends and families invited by you.

With a lot of help from a lot of smart people, most of whom are a generation younger than I am, the home page was launched in spring 2015, and a beta version of the application was launched to friends and families later in the year. Since then, we have been evaluating the product and responding to user suggestions.

So far, so good. Our primary initial marketing efforts have been with friends and family. Now we will also focus on growth through renewed paid marketing efforts.

I am thrilled now to introduce the application with many enhancement and improvements to make the user experience even better. Here are some of the most important changes:

Announcing These New Features


You now can have an easy-to-use family blog on Families Connect. Each member of your family can add content to the family page. You, as the family creator, retain ultimate control over the page and can delete content if you choose to do so.


Families Connect has improved comment format and functionality. Family members can post and respond to comments on the family page, enabling an on-going family dialogue.


We also have improved our notification feature. You can always see notifications when you log in if, for example, a family member has posted new content. Now, you also will receive an e mail once a week’s worth of notification are waiting for you.

Families Connect Founder Application Launch Announcement

Give the Families Connect App a Try

If you are interested and want to help out, the best thing you can do is create an account; create one or more families; add content to your family pages; and invite friends and families to be part of your families on Families Connect. I hope you will give the application a try.


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