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The Next Iteration

A New Series

We see this post as part 1 of what we hope is a series, considering the “next iteration.” Next iteration seems to be a term gain currency, referencing the next phase of life.

Wisdom from Fay Vincent

Fay Vincent, perhaps most remembered as former commissioner of Major League Baseball, recently authored an enormously insightful, very brief, essay in The Wall Street Journal. He shares the wisdom of advancing age, reminding us that “everyone is getting older…so we are all in the same boat.”

This, I think, is wisdom for all of us: the sooner appreciated, the better.

A Summary of Insights

  • Good books are exciting, and it is better if we find them on our own.
  • Interest in sports abides, but narrows.
  • Limit the conversation about medical news with friends.
  • “Old age seems to be the art if keeping going. Speed and direction are not important. Movement is.”
  • “The very best thing about growing older is that I no longer try to change anyone’s mind….I have long since surrendered any hope of impressing others, or of being impressed by them.”
  • “I am not selling anything nor am I buying. I want only to be at peace and in normal discomfort.”

Rings True for Any Age

Mr. Vincent’s essay strikes me as extraordinarily wise. He is 77; I am 61. It is never too early to start learning. I am particularly attracted to his admonition to keep moving. Not only physically, which is important, but mentally as well. Too often it seems with age comes ossification in views. Hardening of the head along with hardening of the arteries. I’d like to avoid both.


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