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Connecting With Loved Ones: Outdoor Entertaining Inspiration

Connecting With Loved Ones: Outdoor Entertaining Inspiration

Just because the Summer is winding down for much of the country doesn’t mean that we’re relegated to a life of indoor entertaining just yet! There are still plenty of warm days and sunlight left to host those we love in the great outdoors! We hope this outdoor entertaining inspiration helps you to  throw an unforgettable backyard soiree! While memories are being made, don’t forget to snap a few pictures and take a video or two to share on your Families Connect page!

Yard Games

Young or old, everyone loves a good round of corn hole. But don’t forget to think beyond the beanbag! Here are some great ideas for games that can be enjoyed at both family friendly AND adult only affairs!

yard games outdoor entertaining

Big Batch Cocktails

Don’t spend your whole party confined to the kitchen, making everyone’s drinks. Before everyone arrives, prepare a big batch cocktail (or two! or three!) and enjoy your night, too!

cocktails outdoor entertaining

Food Fit For a Crowd

Just like you wouldn’t want to spend your night as a bartender, you also don’t want to play the short-order cook. Don’t let the idea of an outdoor party limit your menu to burgers and hotdogs. Why not pasta or kebabs? Here are some crowd-pleasing foods that you can make in large quantities prior to guests arriving!

kebabs outdoor entertaining

Leave Room for S’more goodies!

Don’t overthink dessert! There’s no need to spend hours making homemade creme brûlée, when s’mores will be just as satisfying. If you really feel the need to fancy it up, add some peanut butter cups and dark chocolate to the typical offerings. But really who needs more than marshmallows, graham crackers and milk chocolate?

smores outdoor entertaining

Enchanting Tablescapes

If you’re feeling more ambitious than paper plates and plastic forks, here are some beautifully inspiring  ideas for your table settings! Pick a theme and run with it!

tablescapes outdoor entertaining

Mood Lighting

Even the most mundane of evenings can feel magical given the right lighting. You can make this detail as complex or as simple as you like. When you share a meal with loved ones under twinkling lights and a twilight sky, you’ll feel like you’re right where you need to be.

mood lighting outdoor entertaining

We hope that you’re able to squeeze every last ounce of fun out of this month! Enjoy slow evenings outside before we bid farewell to to Summer for an entire year! Families Connect will be here to help you catalog your Summer nights for years to come! Now go enjoy the last of the fireflies!


Torrey Swan is a former pediatric nurse who now spends most of her time chasing two red-headed        daughters.  Her favorite hobby is cooking with a proclivity for mexican food and margaritas.  She has resided in Nashville since the age of 11 and has been married to her husband, a Blackhawk pilot for the Army, since 2008.


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