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5 Fun Sidewalk Chalk Games

You can spot our house in the neighborhood by the brightly colored sidewalk chalk art covering our driveway. Sidewalk chalk is a must-have around here and it’s also a great way to help bust summer boredom! While I love staples like hopscotch, and tic-tac-toe I also like to mix it up a little bit!

Sidewalk Chalk Fun

Here are 5 fun sidewalk chalk games that you can do with your kids.

Sidewalk Site Words

My little girl is four years old and just learning how to read. I write out about 20 sight words in various colors in a three or four column grid. Then I call out a word and she has to find it and jump to it.

sidewalk chalk words

Sidewalk Chalk Target

This one is great for multiple players! Draw a bull’s eye on the ground and make concentric circles outward from it. Label each space with a set of points. Draw a line for the kids to stand behind and let them toss their beanbags at the target! Have them keep a tally of their points and play best out of 5!

Sidewalk Chalk Shake

My daughter spent a lot of time in physical therapy after being born prematurely. She still struggles a lot with her coordination and core muscle strength, so I mostly made up this game to help her work on areas that she needed improvement on, like standing on one foot (which she JUST mastered, yay!) You can tailor this game to whatever works best for your child!I change the order of ours each time, but normally I included spaces like “Hop 3 Times,” “Make An Animal Noise” or “Jump Over The Box.” I usually have her walk heel to foot on a wavy line to help her practice her balance. At the end we have a dance party and then we do it backwards!

Sidewalk Chalk Trace

We’ve been doing occupational therapy on Scarlette’s wrists for a long time so I use the sidewalk chalk to draw different shapes and letters in large dashes in a light color and then have her practice tracing them. Then I call out different shapes and letters and have her jump to them.

Sidewalk Chalk Color Mixing

Another thing we do with our sidewalk chalk is learn about our primary and secondary colors. I draw several circles on the ground and then Scarlette chooses colors she wants to mix together to see what new color it will make. It’s a fun experiment and we’re learning all about things how red and yellow make orange while we play!

I’ll miss the days of sidewalk chalk when she gets older; they are such sweet summer memories!

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