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Peace in Aging

Happiness through Being, Not Doing

Our Next Iteration

My wife and I are both rapidly approach a next iteration moment, as retirement from current careers is just around the corner for each of us.

Cause for concern? Sure, a bit. Although neither of us overly worries about staying busy.

Cause for joy? Yes, quite a bit. And this prospect is supported by insights as to where people find enduring happiness. Marc Agronin, a geriatric psychiatrist, elaborated on this topic in a recent article in The Wall Street Journal.

Forget the Bucket List

oldmanThe essence of Agronin’s insight is that happiness isn’t to be found in pursuing a bucket list of exotic ventures. Pursuit of glittering gems can lead people to “lose track of what really matters–their connections to family, friends and community.”

The recommendation: “Instead of taking a dream vacation to chase fleeting thrills, they should use their time to create something more lasting instead–whether that means building bonds with family or their community or reimagining travel adventures as an opportunity to share experience and wisdom with grandchildren.”

Good News About Aging

Studies cited by Agronin demonstrate that one doesn’t need to make one’s self happier in old age–people naturally get happier as they grow older. Now there is some bonus good news. And getting happier isn’t expensive or hard to come by–this is available for all of us.

“The increased happiness doesn’t come through doing but simply through being. It is the natural result of lower expectations and ambition, less emotional volatility, increased gratitude and acceptance and enhanced problem solving skills.”

That is good news. Along with balky memory and aching joints comes increased happiness. Just because.

This is Why Families Connect Exists

grandmaFamilies Connect, LLC was founded to promote exactly this sort of happiness. The Families Connect application is a tool for sharing and keeping in contact with friends and families–those who matter most. Please check it out and sign up on the home page.

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