What We Believe

The Families Connect concept was born out of a fishing trip and the desire to create and nurture better relationships with our families.

Families Connect is ecumenical. We promote no particularly religious point-of-view and respects the many traditions. Families Connect welcomes and supports all families—traditional families, single parent families, blended families, families with same sex parents.

As parents, we have learned some valuable lessons that serve as the inspiration for Families Connect. These lessons embody the spirit behind the Families Connect Blog and App:

  • Children always know if they are your priority, or if something else is.
  • Family meals are important. Not only for the routine, but also for providing a forum for sharing the events of the day and building family memories.
  • Your children know (or can at least sense) everything that is happening in the family; make that your operating assumption.
  • Failure is OK; it is even necessary. We cannot protect our children from failure, and do them a disservice if we try. The only way children build self-confidence is trying, failing, trying again and succeeding. A skinned knee can be a blessing.
  • We can, and must, make sure they always know they are loved. We let them skin a knee, but also comfort them and provide the Band-Aid.
  • We hold the solutions to our problems. We must all take personal responsibility for our lives. You are not trapped in a hopeless situation; you can help yourself.
  • Be realistic. The world is other than us and doesn’t always bend to our will or accommodate our desires. Face the world as it is.
  • Routine, predictability and consistency are important. The child’s identity is built every day. Consistency from parents as to what is important and what is expected is critical.
  • Your children are not extensions of you. They are independent people; even if very young. You cannot create a confident child if you do everything for them.
  • Never underestimate your child, however, old or young. What they are capable of thinking and doing and becoming will likely astound you.
  • Deeply hear and see the other.

Thank you and welcome.